Did you know that your choice of luggage cart can significantly reduce your organization's environmental impact while increasing profitability?


Responsible Manufacturing

A move to stainless or powder-coated frame finishes reduces the support of any toxic manufacturing processes, a change that is both quantifiable and reportable.


Reduce Waste

EZ Stacker luggage carts can increase property owner/management profitability by extending average life of equipment by 2X or more. Reduce steel manufacturing related to luggage carts by an average of 50% without compromising balance, durability while improving user experience.


Your Carbon Footprint

For every 1,000 carts an average of 37.5 tons of steel is produced, which emits 69.4 tons of CO2. Extending the life of your luggage cart quantifiably reduces your organization's carbon footprint.


Made in the USA

Engineered by The Peggs Company and proudly made in America, EZ Stacker benefits from bi-coastal manufacturing, shipping capabilities and infrastructure.

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