EZ Stacker Studio Cart

Rounding out the EZ Stacker range of full-size and compact hotel luggage carts, the new EZ Stacker Studio Cart answers a call for transport and stackability with a durable basket for a two-tier solution. The design and functionality of the Studio cart have resonated with multi-family property owners and residents in particular. Condo and apartment building managers have found the Studio to be the ideal solution for residents transporting items to and from their cars or the property’s mail room.

As with the traditional EZ Stacker models, the Studio cart’s deck can be customized to display the property’s logo and color palette. The fully welded design is available in four powder-coated finishes: Black Gloss, Chrome, Brass and Granite.

Studio Cart Details

Dimensions 34″ L x 21 7/16″ W x 44″ H

Wheels 5”, 2 swivel, 2 rigid

Brakes optional. 


Contact your EZ Stacker representative for more information and pricing.

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